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SADBOY Keylime Cookie 30/120ml (Made In USA)

SADBOY Keylime Cookie 30/120ml (Made In USA)
SADBOY Keylime Cookie 30/120ml (Made In USA)
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Keylime Cookie 120ml By SADBOY (Made In USA)

The key to the flavor is the lime! The luscious and tangy flavor of keylime citrus is paired with the creamy notes of a buttery golden cookie crust. The balanced combination of the sweet crumble and the bitter taste of the keylime will make you always want to eat the dessert first. Made in USA

Packaging - Features:

Maximum capacity bottle 120ml.

Concentrated fragrance.

The product is not ready for use.

The bottle has the necessary empty space for the preparation of the liquid.

Preparation of refill fluid:

30ML (120ML)

For 0mg nicotine you need:

0ml of nicotine base and 90ml of zero

For 3mg of nicotine you need:

20ml of nicotine base and 70ml of zero

For 6mg of nicotine you need:

40ml of nicotine base and 50ml of zero

For 9mg of nicotine you need:

60ml of nicotine base and 30ml of zero

For 12mg of nicotine you need:

80ml of nicotine base and 10ml of zero

* The above examples are calculated based on Steam Train Nicotine Booster 50/50 18mg/ml nicotine

** Shake well for better homogenization and it's ready! Final amount of liquid 120ml

*** Store in a shady place for 1 - 3 days for best results

****Recommended ratio 30PG / 70VG.

The package contains:

1 x Chubby Gorilla Bottle 120ml - 30ml perfume

Components :

Fragrances - Propylene Glycol

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