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High quality Kanger EVOD USB Charger, fit for Kanger EVOD, EVOD VV, Emow batteries. Input: DC 5V Output: DC 4.2V 400mah..
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Upgraded with microscopic display to read easily the charging current, battery and charging status. The XTAR MC1 Plus automatically selects the most suitable charging current (0.5A or 1A) for your batteries to ensure longer life. Compared to the original MC1 charger, you can charge a 18650 battery a..
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The XTAR Charger VC2 is the world's first lithium-ion battery charger to feature an innovative LCD tachometer display. This charger shows the actual battery power. The VC2 will display the battery's mAh if it is assumed to be fully discharged before charging. Like all XTAR chargers, it can intellige..
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The XTAR VC4 charger is not just the upgraded version of the two previous VC2 and XP4c chargers, but also a combination of these to keep progress and safety during charging. The VC4 can recognize, show and charge Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries at the same time, and also displays charging current, batter..
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The XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus Charger is specially designed for those who are looking for superior charging.There are four main DRAGON functions: battery charging, REFRESH / TEST mode, internal battery resistance test, USB output. It can intelligently distribute power when charging to a 11.1V / 3s batter..
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XTAR X4 New Battery Charger - Dual Input LCD Display, Ni-MH / Li-ion Fast Battery Charger- Widely compatible, Ni-MH / Ni-CD- Automatic power selection for fast charging- Dual entrance ports for free charging- Emergency power supply to USB devices- Innovative dial-LCD screen, displays the status in r..
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