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Ares from Innokin! Today his improved version, Ares 2, has arrived!It comes with many air options, but compared to the first Ares, the 0.8mm option has been added for even tighter buns!The most important change is the Cross Air Flow Control located under the resistance. It allows you to optimize the..
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Augvape Intake RTA Augvape Intake RTA
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The Intake RTA from Augvape and Mike Vapes, the new tank vaporizer, with unbelievable flavor and lots of stuff!Characteristics:Diameter: 24mmEasy single resistance set up even for a beginner of a fighter in repairs!Replenishing the fluid is done from the top very easily.Package Contents:AUGVAPE INTA..
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Introducing the new Berserker vaporizer from Vandy Vape. This is the Berserker V2 MTL RTA designed by the well-known YouTuber Alex from VapersMD.It has airflow pins which are placed on the deck under the resistor to offer you a pleasant twist just as it suits you.It has a capacity of 3ml refill liqu..
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Blitz IVO RTA cigarette vaporizer (MTL).You can precisely adjust the airflow through the adjustable Airflow which has 3 inlet holes ranging in diameter from 1-2 mm and a larger notch (2 × 4 mm) for limited DTL steam.In addition, you can change the Airflow air outlet by 1-2 mm directing the flow just..
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Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA 25mm 3.5ml Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA 25mm 3.5ml
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The Hastur Vaporizer is designed for users who like the MTL Steam mode. Includes 5 airflow holes (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm) to get the right result, depending on your preference. Its diameter is 25mm and its tank capacity reaches 3.5ml.ParametersDiameter: 25mmSupports power: 5 - 50WMaterial..
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Siren 2 GTA By Digiflavor Digiflavor innovates and introduces the Siren 2 MTL GTA (Genesis Tank Atomizer).In contrast to the majority of the vaporizers being released, the Siren 2 mtl GTA Deck is in the middle!Very easy to set up, incredible taste while it can support gingerbread!Characteristic..
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The new version of the very successful Ammit Dual RTA from Geekvape is a fact!Ammit Dual Coil RTA is a repairable tanned steamer with incredible flavor!Characteristics:Height: 40.9mmDiameter: 25mm on the base, 27mm in the tankCapacity: 3ml / 6mlMaterial: Stainless steelMaterial Tank: GlassThe new Am..
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Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA 4ml Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA 4ml
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Ammit MTL RTA is Geekvape's first Mouth to Lung vaporizer, the airflow system conveys the air from top to bottom, resulting in unsurpassed flavors and zeroing of spills.The airflow system has twelve different levels covering all the preferences of each user. With the pioneering double-layer structur..
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Zeus Dual RTA By GeekVapeGeekvape's new double-impedance steam generator designed for zero leaks arrived !!The Zeus Dual RTA was designed to cover all the fighters, from the beginner to the most advanced!Innovative design, zero leakage, easy filling and incredible performance in taste and luck, what..
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GeekVape Zeus RTABased on the success of GeekVape's previous repair vaporizers, GeekVape Zeus RTA is a repairable vaporizer that retains in its philosophy the ease of adaptation of previous models, achieving the enhancement of enjoyment that the user gets through an even better sense of breath with ..
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Zeus X is the latest upgraded choice of repaired vaporizer from the GeekVape Zeus series. It has all the features that were loved in the company's earlier homonymous models, providing the user with advantages such as the easy positioning of the model's deck resistors, the very easy replenishment cap..
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Destiny RTA 2ml / 4ml - HellvapeHellvape presents the new Destiny RTA! Destiny has a 2ml capacity with the straight glass and comes with an additional 4ml bubble. In addition, it adopts a smart design for easier and more comfortable installation of resistors. With adjustable airflow at an angle, the..
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Doggystyle 2K16 RTA With SXKA very faithful copy of the SXK company much talked steamer Doggystyle 2K16 RTA that has nothing to envy from the original! Stainless steel 316 has a fluid capacity 3.5ml and regulated air flow to the bottom of the hole opened to 2.5 mm.Material: Stainless steelThread Typ..
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The SXK Doggystyle 2K18 RTA is a 22mm rebuildable tank atomizer constructed from 316 stainless steel with PC tank tube and POM drip tip. The tank has 3.5ml of juice capacity. It comes with single coil build deck, adjustable bottom airflow and 510 threading connection. The side airhole size is the sa..
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SXK Hussar RDAThe SXK Hussar RDA is made of stainless steel 316 (base) and acrylate (lid) to 24 mm diameter.Material: SS 316Size: 24 mm..
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SXK Integra RTAThe SXK VWM Integra RTA is a 22mm diameter repairable atomizer and 4.2ml liquid capacity. It is made of 316 stainless steel and PC. It features a submersible resistor mounting deck and a reduced capacity steam chamber as well as various lateral air flow combinations - from tight MTL t..
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SXK Kayfun Lite 2019 22mm 2ml SXK Kayfun Lite 2019 22mm 2ml
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The new repaired steamer by Svoemesto, Kayfun [Lite]!Kayfun Lite is a repairable vaporizer with high quality materials.It is set up, even by beginner fighters, very easily and in many ways while forgiving mistakes in setting up.Characteristics:Diameter: 22mmConstruction materials: Stainless steelThr..
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The new repaired steamer by Svoemesto, Kayfun [Lite]!Kayfun Lite is a repairable vaporizer with high quality materials.It is set up, even by beginner fighters, very easily and in many ways while forgiving mistakes in setting up.Characteristics:Diameter: 24mmConstruction materials: Stainless steelThr..
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SXK Kayfun Mini V3 SXK Kayfun Mini V3
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Kayfun Mini V3 this product is clone and is 1-1 with genuine.The Kayfun Mini V3 combines simplicity, functionality and perfect performance in a compact size. With a diameter of 19 mm fits both small and medium-sized mods. With fully adjustable fluid flow and power from below is easy and forgivi..
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SXK Kayfun Prime SXK Kayfun Prime
Kayfun Primethe particular product is a clone and is 1 - 1 with the original.Svoemesto's new repairable steamer, Kayfun Prime, is the modern version of the original Kayfun. Optically, Kayfun Prime can remember Kayfun 5, since it has the same functionality and design. However, Kayfun Prime is specifi..
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SXK Kayfun V5 SXK Kayfun V5
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Kayfun V5 By SXKthis product is clone and 1 - 1 with the genuine.The Kayfun 5 is the new repairable atomizer of SvoëMesto.The Kayfun 5 follows the design little brother, Kayfun V3 Mini,combining convenience, practicality and incredible performance. The replenishmentthe liquid can be easily done from..
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Sxk Kayfun V5 25mm Special EditionThis product is a clone and is 1 - 1 with the original.The Kayfun 5 25mm is SvoëMesto's new repairable vaporizer.The Kayfun 5 follows the design of its little brother, the Kayfun V5, combining convenience, practicality and incredible performance.The refill of the li..
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Taifun GTR Mtl Rta 23mmThe SXK Taifun GTR RTA is a 23mm diameter 4mm repairable atomizer. Made of 316 stainless steel and PC, it has adjustable airflow to the base with two air holes (1.0mm and 1.2mm) adjustable in six combinations.Characteristics:Diameter: 25mmHeight: 40mmCapacity: 4.5mlMaterial: S..
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The Tauren RTA is pioneering, it includes a hexagonal honeycomb airflow system. It has 26 hexagonal honeycomb honeycombs that offer a delicate flavor and a "slim" neck thrust. Tauren RTA has a capacity of 2 ml and can also be expanded to 4.5 ml with a PC Bubble Tube.It also has the unique design for..
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