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Bp Mods Organic Cotton Pro 2.5mmThe authentic BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton is a premium cotton for the electronic cigarette 100% organic. It has fast absorption speed, high absorption capacity and high temperature resistance. Size: Diameter 2.5mm (Length 8.5 meters)...
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Cotton Bacon Bits V2Made from organic cotton grown in the US.The Cotton Bacon is packaged in a sterile area and the packaging is sealed. So sure of the purity.  The characteristic of Cotton bacon is that it remains clean during use. It is the only one that has no unpleasant taste such as counte..
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Cotton Bacon Bits v2 XL is made of organic cotton grown in America.Cotton Bacon is packaged in a sterile place and its packaging is sealed. So you are sure about its purity.The characteristic of bacon is that it remains clean during use. It is the only one that does not have an unpleasant taste like..
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Cotton Bacon Prime Cotton Bacon Prime
Yet, the people of Wick 'n' Vape have even further developed the already wonderful - and the point of reference in the space of steam - their cotton!Cotton Bacon Prime promises a 33% faster fluid absorption than the traditional Cotton Bacon, being the best spotter cotton on the market right now.FINA..
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Canna Cotton is an 80% pure organic cotton with 20% hemp. It is the first cotton in the world to use hemp! It's the new innovation in cotton!Using patented hemp fiber technology:- Canna cotton is extremely heat resistant and due to this technology the feeling of "dry hit" is almost reduced to zero.-..
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Organic Cotton PadsOrganic cotton on leaves, Organic Cotton Pads for setup repairable evaporators.It offers excellent taste and is easy to cut with scissors at what width you want.Organic cotton is grown without artificial pesticides in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity, using a n..
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Doctor Coil Cotton is a high quality cotton for setting up your vaporizers.Made from 100% natural organic cotton 129A.The best choice for DIY lovers.The package contains 50 pieces...
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Kendo Vape Cotton (Gold Edition) Kendo Vape Cotton (Gold Edition)
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Japanese organic cotton made exclusively for use in electronic cigarettes.It comes in strips ready to get into your steamers.It gives extra pure taste and does not keep the taste of the previous liquid!..
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Wicker Beast Vape CottonThe Wicker Beast comes from Brazil. Organic cotton that has been collected from Japan, especially for decoction. Wicker Beast has all the attributes required to give a clean taste. Capillary texture for easy twist.Packing10g Wicker Beast Vape Cotton..
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