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Replacements resistors Aspire BVC coilAspire BVC coilNew generation resistors, low-cost, easily replaceable come to meet the most demanding user.With new wick and high-tech materials.BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil atmopoiites offering rich steam, rich flavor of the moment, without leaks.The advantages o..
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Aspire Cleito Pro 24mm 2ml Aspire Cleito Pro 24mm 2ml
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Aspire proudly announces the new cleito of the Cleito series, the impressive Cleito Pro. The steamer comes with the new 0.5ohm resistors that are compatible with Cleito and Cleito Exo. Aspire innovates once again and creates the new 0.5ohm and 0.15ohm Mesh resistors, with these resistors we can achi..
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Aspire Finixx Mod 80W Aspire Finixx Mod 80W
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Aspire Finixx 80W ModFinixx is a great Mod with a curved handle.It is powered by an 18650 battery with a maximum output power of 80W.It has an ASP chipset with multiple output functions, VV / VW / Bypass, while it also supports CPS (Wattage Curve Mode) function. The CPS mode is based on the watt fun..
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Aspire Gotek Pod 4.5ml 1pcsReplacement cartridge for the Aspire Gotek X Pod KitCharacteristics :Capacity: 4.5mlBuilt-in Mesh 0.8Ω resistor..
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Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit 650mAh 4.5mlAspire is back with a new pod the Gotek X. It fits easily in the pocket and doesn't take up any space. In this new version, Aspire offers a quality pod with carefully selected materials. Transparent casing so you can explore its interior. To take it anywhere, the G..
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Huracan EX Mod 100W – AspireDiscover the new Huracan EX Mod from Aspire, a practical and compact model that supports adjustable power from 5 to 100 watts, offers multiple protections for a 100% safe vaping experience, runs on an 18650 battery (not included) and charges via USB- C. The Huracan EX inc..
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Aspire Nautilus 2 Drip TipBrand: AspireUnit: 1pcMaterial: Dellin..
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Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank MTL 4ml Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank MTL 4ml
Nautilus 3 tank The ultimate Nautilus experience!Nautilus 3 uses the resistors of the Nautilus series that will offer you a top MTL experience and excellent taste performance.Convenient and high-precision airflow adjustment has 7 different options, offering rich and intense flavor. The diameter of t..
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Aspire Nautilus Coil Aspire Nautilus Coil
Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) coils by EigateReplacements resistors Aspire BDC Nautilus & Mini Nautilus coils for Aspire Mini Nautilus (BVC) by Eigate and Aspire BDC Nautilus by Eigate.The new generation of evaporators are here and promise to amaze you.BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil atmopoiites offerin..
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Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Glass Tube Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Glass Tube
Replacement glass for the Aspire Nautilus Mini 2ml Replacement glass for the Aspire Nautilus  5ml ..
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Aspire Nautilus X 4ml Glass Aspire Nautilus X 4ml Glass
Replacement glass for Aspire Nautilus X 4ml steamer.The package does not include the adapter...
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Nautilus X CoilReplacement resistors Nautilus X Coil for Aspire Nautilus X.Heads U-Tech for Nautilus X is 1.5ohm, designed for use at 14-20 Watts. The U-Tech function is the latest technology in resistors. The vapor flows through a U-shaped chamber and passes through the coils Kanthal twice before l..
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Aspire Neeko MTL RTA 3ml Aspire Neeko MTL RTA 3ml
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Neeko MTL RTA By AspireThe Neeko RTA is a repairable Aspire vaporizer, with a clear orientation to MTL Vaporization!The Neeko RTA is made of stainless steel, the package includes an extra tank made of stainless steel and PSU.With the 12 air pins provided, combinations can be made to find the ideal p..
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Aspire Oby Pod 2ml 1.2 Ohm 1pcs Aspire Oby Pod 2ml 1.2 Ohm 1pcs
Replacement tank for Aspire OBY system Pod with built-in 1.2Ω resistor. Its capacity is 2ml and it fills easily from below.Characteristics:Capacity: 2mlResistance: 1.2Ω..
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Aspire OBY Stick Pod Kit 2ml Aspire OBY Stick Pod Kit 2ml
The OBY Stick Pod from Aspire is very elegant while its design and simplicity make it stand out! It is small in size and its housing is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it extremely compact, light and discreet.The OBY Stick Pod offers rich flavor combined with ease of use. It has an automatic inh..
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Aspire Paradox Box Mod 75W Aspire Paradox Box Mod 75W
2-3 Days
Paradox Box Mod 75W By AspireAn incredible collaboration between Aspire and the Italian Noname! A beautiful result!Characteristics:Size: 78 * 42 * 27mmAccepts an 18650 batteryVery good quality construction! It is small, beautiful and easy to use.It works with an 18650 battery and has a maximum outpu..
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Replacement Glass PockeX By Aspire Replacement glass container Aspire PockeX AIO Glass Replacement for Aspire PockeX AIO device...
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Aspire PockeX Coil Aspire PockeX Coil
COILS ASPIRE POCKEX - REPLACEMENT OF RESISTANCE ASPIRE POCKEX AIOReplacement resistors for your Aspire PockeX, give maximum pleasure for strong and clean Mouth-to-Lung (sautéed) puffs!FEATURES:Operating resistance: 0,6 Ohm - 1,2 OhmMaterial: Stainless SteelCompatibility with Aspire Nautilus X.Price ..
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Aspire PockeX AIO 1500mahBeing just a little smaller than an iPhone 5S, the Aspire PockeX AIO 1500mAh is the ultimate all-in-one [All-in-One (AIO)] device. It comes with Nautilus X head with U-Tech technology, the 0.6ohm stainless steel. It has wide mouthpiece and expanded air flow, thus allowing th..
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The resistors are made of Stainless Steel and Ni80 wire.Tigon Coil 1.2ohm is suitable for brewing and the resistance range is from 10 to 12 watts.Tigon Coil 0.7ohm is suitable for pulmonary use and the resistance range is 20 to 25 watts.The resistors are made of Ni80 wire, which provides faster heat..
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Aspire Triton Coil 1.8ohm Aspire Triton Coil 1.8ohm
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Aspire Triton, Atlantis and Melo Kanthal Coil 1.8ohmReplacements resistors Aspire Triton, Atlantis and Melo Kanthal Coil 1.8ohmNew generation resistors, easily replaceable come to meet the most demanding user.BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil atmopoiites offering rich steam, rich flavor of the moment, with..
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Aspire Zelos X Mod 80W Aspire Zelos X Mod 80W
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Compact and Ergonomic DesignIt has an ergonomic design and robust construction of hard zinc and aluminum alloy. This is a compact and stylish Mod, which you will love both for its appearance and for its renewed ergonomic grip, which provides you with comfortable steaming all day long.Steam As You Li..
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Aspire BVC CE5 by EigateThe new generation of evaporators are here and promise to amaze you.BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil i.e. resistance is positioned vertically (Vertical) and the bottom (Bottom) of the evaporator, ensuring the continuous supply of liquid.Rich steam combined with rich flavor, without..
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Replacement glass for the Joyetech AIO ECO 1.2ml..
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K1 BVC 1.5ml - Aspire K1 BVC 1.5ml - Aspire
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Aspire K1 BVC by EigateNew steamer from Eigate named Aspire K1 BVC comes to offer enjoyment and conquer your own!BVC is a new atomizer technology that adopts technology Bottom Vertical Coil resistance (BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil).The capacity of the tank is 1.5 ml liquid refill and a diameter of 14...
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H Aspire presents K3, an economic convenient steamer which will win you from the first moment. The steamer K3 is the new generation Glass Clearomizer from Aspire. This new technology is designed to last longer, while still giving users the most pure and clean taste of replacement fluid. O K3 has a t..
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Nautilus 2 2ml - Aspire Nautilus 2 2ml - Aspire
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Nautilus 2 Atomizer By Aspire2 The Nautilus from Aspire is a 2 ml atomizer capacity. Employing a pre-installed cartridge 1.8ohm BVC and coupled to the lower part of the regulator of the air flow, refines the atmistikes needs of all. The nest is clearly shorter to minimize the path of the air flow an..
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Aspire Nautilus 2S is the new Nautilus Vaporizer option. The design is similar to the predecessor of the Nautilus 2, but incorporates some new practical and easy-to-use features. The steamer has a diameter of 25mm and its total length is estimated at 52mm. The Aspire Nautilus 2 features a new handy ..
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Nautilus Mini 2ml - Aspire Nautilus Mini 2ml - Aspire
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Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) by EigateThe Aspire BDC Nautilus by Eigate now in mini version Aspire Mini Nautilus (BVC) by Eigate!BVC is a new atomizer technology, BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil.The new generation BVC atmopoiiton offers better taste, longer, full steam leak.Comes in set 1 further resistanc..
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Tigon is ideal for those who want to combine a cigarette vaporizer with an emphasis on pure and rich flavor and a pulmonary vaporizer with great steam production and air inhalation.A hybrid steamer with enormous potentialDepending on the resistance we use, we can give either a cigarette character to..
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